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The Brilliant debut album from Austrian born singer /songwriter LiBa

The Brilliant debut album from Austrian born singer /songwriter LiBa

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Download or stream from all your favourite stores now

Download and stream from all your favourite stores from 06/07/2017

Download and stream from all your favourite stores from 06/07/2017

LiBa was born and raised in Styria, Austria. She lived there at the countryside, attended the school choir and learned to play the violin and viola. 

‘Music always was a big part of my life. It helped me to deal with puberty and other cruelties, by developing some self-esteem. Also my wounds heal when I make music, it is a way of recovering for me.’

When she was eighteen she moved to Austria’s capital Vienna, where she went to university and started to teach herself playing the guitar. 

‘It was much easier for me to write songs with an instrument I could play and sing along with at the same time. I never managed that with the viola. So my very little guitar skills were the beginning of my songwriting.’

She went to open mic nights and jam sessions, where she got to know other musicians like Funky C, who’s albums she featured on later. 

‘He believed in me and my music and I featured on many Austrian Hip hop albums because of him. He always tried to find studios for me, where I could have my songs recorded and pushed me.’

While studying and working part time in a video store, she saved enough money to buy herself some studio equiptment and started to record her songs on her own.

‘In that time I noticed my first grey hair. Music programs were a totally new thing for me and you tube wasn’t what it is today. Things weren’t working for a long time and I had very intense feelings against recording programs and what comes with it. My blood pressure was dangerously high then. But me and my equipment made it till today and I only very rarely want to set the whole thing on fire.’

Through a cooperation with STJ, she got to know The Ronin, who is now producing her new album.

‘He remixed the track I released with STJ and Davino Records “She believes”. I loved his remix so much that I had to write him a thank you for his fantastic work. We became friends and fans of each other. I was very lucky to get to know him and find such a related soul in this big, wide world. He gave me the courage to trust my guts and found my music worthy to be released. I am very grateful.’ 

In the last ten years she wrote and produced her own music. Here is why.

When I grew up, I turned out to be pretty messed up and unhappy. The last ten years were my recovery and have been manifested by the music I wrote. My lyrics have always been very direct and simple. I love language and to combine it with a melody that starts to exist in your head, then goes through your body and ends up on a record. It’s fascinating, how much of me lays in these songs. It’s very intimate to share it with others which is part of why it hasn’t happened like that before. It was a big step to release a part of me, this upcoming album. It is the beginning of the last ten years, a journey through my life, my ups and downs, my happiest and devastating moments. All there for you to hear and feel it. 

When I was sixteen, I found music. I was beating time in a CD store and spotted the first album I would buy with my own money. Portrait Of An American Family by Marilyn Manson. The choice was a guess, I liked the cover in the first place. But when I heard his words, a part in me started to breathe. The part that believed in expression of feelings and the acceptance of them, that it was alright to be sad, to have issues, to be broken. That it was okay to be imperfect. And that I was not alone. I know that my music doesn’t sound like Marilyn Mansons. I love all kind of music. But he showed me, what music can change, which enormous amount of emotion lays in it. And I learned to heal by finding my own tones, my melodies, my words. And if just one person finds comfort or hope or love in one of my songs, it was all worth it.’

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