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Left of centre records is a London based independent music label . Specializing in many electronic genres . We aim to bring some of Londons best chill,glitch,& dubstep & d&b to the fore. With many release,s planned for 2016 . Left of centre musically is were we stand and Left of of centre we will stay .

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L.O.C Records are proud to present LiBa

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Austrian born LiBa is a new signing to L.O.C Records her beautifully crafted vocals and haunting music will give you goosebumps. WELCOME LiBa To the L.O.C Family

Apri fooloish me cover

Download and buy the brilliant debut track Foolish Me from singer /songwriter April Young

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Buy the stunning debut R&B track from Natalie K

The Delicate Machine (Album Promo)


Click here for a great 24hr experiance of top music and a Myriad of LIVE shows with top DJ,s spanning a mass of musical GENRE ..LOC RECORDS also have 2 shows on this station DJ Asymmetric D&B Legacy show & DJ ASYMMETRIC Leftfield & Dub love show